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Updated: Sep 26, 2018

Yesterday i was asked from one of my generous clients what the different between 60 mins and 90 mins when she is being treated with a Remedial Massage.

That might be easy to answer while i could have said "You are being treated longer" but that might not be the case so to go more details with my treatments in Remedial Massage there is no different in term of the techniques that i do but in 60 mins i prefer to treat only the areas that needs to be fixed rather than doing the whole body. Lets say if you have a headache i would rather try to treat your neck, upper back and head or related parts and then I might go through the whole back if i think the area that i work on has enough treatment for that session and since the whole back is still related to the cause of headaches. I would not prefer go through the whole body like arms and legs so much. However, i stretch them after massage session if time is left to do so.

I find that a lot of clients expect the whole body to be worked on plus focus more on the area that the client indicate or seems to have the problem. In the past i would try to do but now I don't because i find that when i try to rush to finish up the whole body in 60 mins i don't feel relaxed myself then somehow the clients feel that as well and no good result while the clients have a bit here and there. So to answer the question above 90 mins treatment would definitely cover the whole body I can try to reduce a few problems and the rest of the body i usually do Swedish Massage just to feel relaxed after deep tissue.

while 60 mins to treat the pain/tight/and stiff areas then some extra on the back of the legs or head depends on what you prefer.

Please remember that having a Remedial Massage, you can slowly get better. Not one time job that your pain disappear straight away.

However, Information above is only my opinion and what i do. There are a lot of expert practitioners and Experienced Remedial Therapists out there who do different and treat different, no right or wrong, we do what suit us. At the end of the day all of us have one goal in common and that is to make our clients feel better physically and a lot of time mentally as well.

I hope you find this helpful and a bit more understanding of what and how we do.

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