How often should you have a massage?

I've recently read the article on about this topic and it's quite obvious that I need to mention this in my blog as well.

I expect that most of you are in the middle age to upper so I would like you to think about how often you would like to have a massage?

Now leave alone your budget first but think how often it would be good to you?

Once a week?

Once every two weeks?

Once a month or three months?

For my suggestion that excluding your budget it would be once a week.


See below brief list of benefits from getting a massage;

- soothe and relax the body.

- can alleviate headaches.

- reduce joint pain.

- increase the body range of motion.

- pain relieve.

- relax the brain.

- relieves insomnia.

- improve blood circulation.

- helps with depression.

- reduce stress level.

The list above as far as I can see it's doing pretty good, isn't it? And of course there are a lot more than what I have mentioned here. That is why having a massage once a week is reasonable and this is shown how much you care for your health and well-being.

We have listed all the things to do in our timetable but obviously massage would usually be the last you would think about and after all other expenses. However, in my experience it often happens that you would eventually end up paying more than what you expect once the problem occurs and being left in a long period of time with your body. When it gets worse you seek to visit a doctor first and get prescribed and later visit chiropractor or physiotherapist and then end up having a massage. The next thing you know you would have to stand the pain for having a Remedial Massage or Deep tissue while what you could just simply do is to have a massage regularly.

Now go back to our budget. Of course everyday life is expensive especially living in Sydney while you spend on kids, foods, rents, household expenses, outing and drinks. I don't mean that you should reduce on other things and spend on a massage as it seems like I am trying to get the benefit here but I am being honest to you. If you can put money aside for good massage and to be kind to your body as the result often appears in a short term and long term as well. You do not need to have a massage 1 hour or 90 mins if you have other commitments to sort out just if you can make it regularly that would do.

For instance, you can plan to have half hour once a week or 1 hour every 2 or 3 weeks that is perfect. Of course by having it's longer you feel completely good getting all the benefits as you know how important it is while having half an hour session massage seems short but still being recommended to have. You may have on the back and legs or neck, back and shoulders or just head and legs this is already good for the muscles and releasing all the tension in particular area.

There is a lot of information out there relating to how massages make a difference. I found this article from "After the exercise and massage were performed in the study, the researchers compared the muscle tissues of all of the animals, finding that the muscles in animals receiving simulated massage had improved function, less swelling and fewer signs of inflammation than did muscles in the animals that received no massage treatment after exercise"

The research is published in a recent issue of the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Sometime, you just need to stop and feel relaxed for a moment while dealing with everyday life that

Relaxation Massage - Time to relax

is not always an easy path and also can be dramatic occasionally. One more thing I reckon here if you can have a massage once a week you would look years younger. It's chasing away all kind of tensions from both your body muscles and your stressful mind.

Let's get healthier, happier. Let's relax!

Anya team.

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