Aching Age

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

As we grow old we realize our body is not the same anymore. I noticed people age from 40 up start to have body problems most likely to be the same, less or more depends on what kind of work you do or what activity you involve otherwise generally here and there always some problems!.

I started to have that problem as well, lying down in bed is not as easy as when I was in my teen. Standing long hour never affected any part of my body or even so it was not that big deal in young age. Now, sleeping, standing, carrying, driving, walking all are affecting my body, being in pain, tight, stiff and aching badly sometime. My back is locked up, necked is stiff in a long period of time. I realized now the body doesn't work the same way anymore, it's not as tough as previous me.

I Basically have to deal with physical problems more often than the past either my neck, my back, my legs or my arms then headache then back to neck and lower back to legs and so on (am I falling apart lol). That's why I love having a massage myself, I am quite addicted to it. It gives such a good relaxing feeling, it gives a good break of the body from its hard work. Relaxing massage is the best solution to recover for my body, I recommend once every two weeks if you can.

For a Remedial massage is to fix when the problem is already there and it is not easy to get fixed once it's there. Of course, injuries and accidents do happen as a lot of times we can not avoid and surely we can not avoid having a deep tissue massage in relation. It hurts and painful some of the time because the word 'Deep tissue' already explain itself. We massage deeper layers of muscles and a lot of times can't help the fact that it really hurts the surface.

Results! - The skins get bruises, redness but a good Remedial massage should not leave that mean results too long on your skin. They are usually last for a few days and would disappear, once it's gone, you would be suggested to repeat with another session that lighter and more relaxing to make sure your muscles are loosen.

You now know the different between Relaxing massage and Remedial massage. During my Remedial therapy I have to confess you all here that I do cherish all of my clients, as much as I try to work on with the problem area I try to use the techniques that don't hurt so much on the surface otherwise it is too suffering. I would also like my client to enjoy the moment even though they are having a remedial massage. I press hard & firm but still gentle in a way that leave clients feeling good. I always mixed between these two massages in one session as I don't think hard is always good for the whole body but only works in the needing area.

Nevertheless, many of you like it hard and that's okay. I find it quite normal as well because after I have had many massages I now prefer a bit harder. What I have mentioned above is to recommend that you do have a good relaxing massage every now and then. Watch out how age can affect the body and why it is so important not to ignore because you do not want to live in pain while sleeping, walking, standing. Do exercise in moderation, stretch out as often as you can and of course having a good relaxing massage from time to time, isn't that heaven?

Massages seemed to be luxurious in the past but now there is a reminder on our calendars that soon we need one!

Anya team

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