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You've Got News!

Xmas is on the way. Exciting! I hope you all are prepared for a big celebration, gifts, parties, foods and drinks. Time to lose yourself in a fun world once a year but don't forget to look after yourself body and mind.

Despite, you do not have time to do it yourself, exhaustion from works and busy life in routines. Anya can look after you, releasing tensions and reduce your body tightness before and after the fund time. 

We are operating everyday and only Xmas's day off.  24 and 26/12/19 are operating depending on the quantity of bookings. If there is not enough booking on these 2 days, we will consider to close  for full day.  If you have no plan on those days for anything else and think massage is the best way to relax please book in advance so we know the amount of bookings we will keep the practice open.

Thank you for your support and see you all soon.