I received my Diploma of Remedial Massage at NSW Business college and have been in the industry for a number of years.  I have worked in several places to earn my massage therapy experiences. 


I moved to Lane Cove in early 2017.  I have to say I love Lane Cove and this community, residencies are nice here and kind.  Give me a warm welcome especially in Riverview where I started my own business.  I am working daily at Anya Natural Healing as well.  I love associating and helping all of my clients.  I always try to seek out the best treatment to suit each of them.


Please come visit me and my team we are welcome to all of you or just to pay a visit for a cup of tea.  Lane Cove (Riverview) is one of the strong communities in NSW and we all are families I am so glad to be a part of this and will continue to grow strong with all of you.


Everyone called her "Aye".  She is one of the best therapists that I know who is dedicated and committed on her works.  

During massage session she would observe her clients who needs less or more pressure or who needs to be fixed in particular area.  She gives her best ability to each client.  She is a hard working therapist who does put a lot of effort into her works, a responsible and caring person who we can ensure of her professionalism.


Having her has been an honour and we are really proud of her since day one until now. Great job!



Aommy just joined Anya Natural Healing this October.  Her massage is unique, has good mixed between Western-Asian styles. she has been in the industry for almost 10 years and has worked in many clinics to earn her experiences.  

She has all of the qualities of a massage therapist that you are looking for.  Dedicated, committed, listening, empathy and more.


We are so pleased to have her working here at ANH, and proud to say this is one of the best massage therapists in Lane Cove that every one must try.