Do you have Chronic pain on upper back and neck?

Back and neck pain can make if difficult for you to go about with your typical day. There are many reasons behind this discomfort and what the causes are. There would be one obvious reason when it comes down to the physical problems like how we are holding our body while standing, sitting and moving. Once the problem is there, it is hard to have a good day, body pain, stiff and limitation of movements. After sometime if the area is not fixed or not getting any right treatment it gives body stress in a long term and that is what I picked for today's topic ''Chronic pain''

There are many people who face this physical problem either you work physically or just sitting in the office as long as it involves with your body postures and how you hold your body right. Most of the time we cannot resist to do the wrong postures in a way because we find our use to positions are much more in getting the job done, sitting in front of computer with upper back fold and neck bends forward. This incident doesn't take long to get worse especially with adult in mid-age. I experienced that myself while working on computer for a few hours, it already created a bad pain, sore and stiff on my trappy as well as the whole neck, and sometime it also leads to a bad headache.

Nevertheless, there are some of you that have this Chronic pain because of other issues such as injury, operation and even some from smoking which you need a regular treatment in this case. However, this topic is focused on many of you who have general soreness, tight and stiff from poor postures which really depends on how you manage your body.

There are many clients who visit Anya Natural Healing because of this Chronic upper back and neck pain. I am confident that a massage can assist this type of pain and it can go away after a few sessions but without changing your habits in using your body in the same way, it's unlikely to get healed no matter what treatment you receive.

This Chronic pain is on and on as a body problematic and you can't just seem to get rid of it. Of course, we can't just stop working and it is usually the job that we do creating the pain and is the main reason why we have this pain at the first place.

What I would like to recommend you is nothing more than just:

Have a break from time to time from your desk or whatever you are doing that may cause this problem.

Remember to stretch your body whenever you can, even simple styles like moving your head around, lift your shoulders up and down, back and forth, it helps indeed.

Massage is another treatment that is popular when you have so much pain, tight and stiff especially it troubles you from sleeping and body movements. Yes, we can help you in that particular area because we are dealing with this upper back and neck problems every single day. We can assure you that from your first time visit with us, you will feel a different less or more depends on how much your problem is built up and how long. Repeat the massage after 5 days is recommended including some home stretching. If this pain is from your tight muscles that are locked up from a no-good position, do not hesitate to contact us to have a consultation and discus how we can help you to make your day better.

Anya team.

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